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Soviet watchmaking, which is not widely mentioned in sector publications, was an enormous global enterprise. Dating back to 1930, the Soviets took just 30 years to become the world’s second largest manufacturer of watches. This book includes information about 11 brands, covering a period from the early 1930s to the 1990s. Over 300 high-quality photographs of Russian and Soviet watches, some of them very rare, come from the personal collections of the four authors. Details of the dials remind us of Soviet successes in the space race, military exploits, polar explorations, the collapse of the USSR, and stories about some ofthe key figures in the history of the last century. There are also in-depth analyses of the technological innovations introduced by the state factories and the military watches assigned to the highest-raking members of the Soviet army. Due to the popularity of Soviet watches in the 1980s throughout Europe and especially in Italy, this book also documents models and collector’s items made specifically for the Italian market.
A unique and fascinating glimpse into previously unseen characteristics of art, history, and culture, this book describes period of the “Iron Curtain” through Soviet watches. This is not a catalogue, but a selection of watches taken from the collections of four enthusiasts, who themselves provide technical information, unique details, and interesting explanations about their most interesting pieces. A strong attention to detail, truly original perspectives, and over 300 high-quality photographs bring Russian watches to life for collectors and non-collectors alike, making this book a valuable reference for those who want to start collecting or continue expanding their collections.

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